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Gauntlet meets NBA Jam in Crystal Brawl, a 2v2 capture-the-flag local multiplayer game that melds fast action with MOBA-like strategy. Choose from a roster of varied characters with different abilities, with a notable twist: each character has a unique ability that alters the terrain. Experiment with different character combinations to uncover hidden strategies!


Crystal Brawl was born out of a week-long game jam (weekjam!) with the aim of creating a hybrid between a local multiplayer sports game and a strategy game for arcade settings. We worked out of apartments, after-hours workplaces and coffee shops for a week straight, and when it was all over, we ended up with a surprisingly fun prototype that clearly had potential.


  • Each character manipulates the battlefield in a unique way to keep gameplay dynamic.
  • Accessible, yet deep gameplay is a perfect fit for eSports fans and casual players alike.
  • Distinctive art style appeals to retro gamers while standing out from the pack.


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Showcase Selection" Indie Games Live at PAX East, March 2015
    • "MAGFest Arcade (as part of Death By Audio Arcade)" MAGFest, January 2015
    • "Indie Arcade Selection (as part of Death By Audio Arcade)" Smithsonian American Art Museum, December 2014
    • "Editor's Choice, Best in Class (as part of Death By Audio Arcade)" Maker Faire, September 2014
    • "Digital Showcase Selection" Boston Festival of Indie Games, September 2014
    • "Arcade Showcase Selection" LWLVL (Low Level) Festival, August 2014
    • "MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase Selection" MAGFest, January 2014
    • "Digital Showcase Selection" Boston Festival of Indie Games, September 2013

    Selected Articles

      • "Towerfall and Samurai Gunn touched off a wave of arena multiplayer games. I've played a number, and Crystal Brawl stands out as one of the best. "
        - Mike Futter, Game Informer
      • "Crystal Brawl takes the very basic nature of competitive games...and bundles it in a cartoony, colorful wrapper that makes it a quirky derivative from the basic sports game formula."
        - Alexa Ray Corriea, Polygon
      • "I did not want to put this one down."
        - Matt Albrecht, Indie Statik
      • "Crystal Brawl is, after playing only a few short rounds, the game I look forward to most."
        - Ari Notis, The G.A.M.E.S. Blog
      • "BFIG: The Digital Games Showcase Megapost"
        - Rowan, 2nd Opinion Productions

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      About Studio Mercato

      Studio Mercato is an independent game studio based in New York City.

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      Crystal Brawl Credits

      Game Design
      Josh Raab, Ben Serviss, Chris Hernandez

      Software Development
      Jon Stokes, Rahil Patel, Josh Raab, Chris Hernandez, Shuichi Aizawa

      Chris Hernandez

      Sound Design and Music
      Nathaniel Chambers

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