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May 5, 2013



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Whiskers is a four-player kitten-powered battle extravaganza for iPad. Size is the name of the game. Collect kitty food to grow bigger, and use four unique powerups to steal size from your friends. Become as big as the screen and you win!


With a desire to learn how to program, Jon Stokes immersed himself in online tutorials, books and videos until he emerged a programmer - and with Whiskers! A testament to the power of self-determination, Whiskers is great game in its own right. While working on the iPad version, Jon also found time to work with our friends at Grasshopper NYC, porting the game over to their proprietary touch-enabled Grasshopper Round Tables in a new version titled Big Whiskers. After seeing the success of the game and working with Jon, we're proud to present Whiskers as the first game for the Studio Mercato indie label.


  • Frantic four-player fun on the iPad.
  • Intuitive one-button controls mean anybody can play!
  • New "Bumper Cats" mode adds a new spin on classic, hectic gameplay.
  • Kitties, mustaches and ragtime music make for a local multiplayer battle you'll never forget!


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      Created By
      Jon Stokes

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks