Studio Mercato: NYC Indie Game Studio

New York City’s game development scene is a strange beast. Without the major studio presence of the West Coast, most of the city’s developers are students, indies and small shops trying hard to build a community.

After meeting and working together at various game jams in New York City, the core Studio Mercato team took shape at the 2013 Global Game Jam, making a game about a pig with a bacon addiction. More game jams followed, with our games taking home a few awards, culminating with a Kotaku piece featuring our Grasshopper Table game, Don’t F**k Up.

With the core group in place and a steady pool of trusted collaborators, we set our sights on more ambitious projects with dual goals: to become known as a creator of great games, and to help build the burgeoning NYC game development scene.

Global Game Jam 2013 IGDA NJ Demo Night No Quarter at NYU IGDA NJ Demo Night