The best part about being an indie developer in NYC is the fantastic community. Here are just a few of our favorite projects, fellow indies, and recommended gaming events from the area.


Rad Raygun
Grasshopper NYC
Out Now for Xbox Live Indie Games
Out Now from Eagle Games
Studio Mercato Artist Chris Hernandez is one half of TRUFUN Entertainment, creators of this 80s-tastic ode to Mega Man-style platformers of yore.
Studio Mercato Game Designer Josh Raab’s tactical tabletop game was winning accolades long before the studio was founded. The original tabletop version is still easy to learn, difficult to master.
A new type of nightlife experience, Grasshopper NYC’s mission is to create gaming lounges for grown-ups, with custom-designed touch-enabled Grasshopper Round Tables as the centerpiece.
Developed by TRUFUN Entertainment
Developed by Wind Catcher Games
In Development by Grasshopper NYC



Brian and GJ
Golden Ruby Games
Hart Laboratories
Brian Chung and GJ Lee have been making games, hosting events and teaching game design in NYC for years. Whether it’s their prize-winning betting/combat game Wrong Bet or a project based on the works of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, they’re always up to something cool.
Mike Christatos and Andy Wallace are Golden Ruby Games, a nimble indie game company based in the city. Building off the success of iOS releases like Worm Run, their IndieCade East game jam title Hermit Crab in Space went on to win the contest and is now available on the PS Vita.
Chris Hart runs Hart Laboratories, an indie developer hard at work on the intricate simulation game Synthesis. Chris sums it up best: “Synthesis is a game about designing self replicating molecules which grow into complex structures. It is part molecular dynamics, part cellular automation, and part connect the dots.”



The NYC Games Forum
IGDA NJ Chapter
New York Game Makers
One of the longest running game meetups in the city, the NYC Games Forum hosts a monthly demo night as well as numerous seminars and community events.
The New Jersey chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has a long history of bringing local devs together from both New York and Jersey. Monthly demos, playtests and presentation events have helped shape a great community just a PATH train away.
Spearheaded by Microsoft Technology Evangelist Jesse Freeman, this group provides resources, talks and workspace for indie groups looking for guidance in finishing and shipping their games.