Global Game Jam 2014 Roundup

This year, a bunch of us Mercatoites participated in the Global Game Jam, the world’s biggest simultaneous game jam! The GGJ holds special significance for us since the team first came together at last year’s event where we made the bacon-oriented platformer Gird Up Your Loins.

The theme for this year’s jam was, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Based mainly out of NYU’s jam site at their Brooklyn campus (with Nathaniel contributing from LA), Mercato folks in various teams ended up working on six games – one of them even won an award!

Here’s the final tally:

Nyoncat and Bleuteuth Flock Ink Blot Ballet
Nyon and Bleuteuth live in a world of neon lights. Control the environment around them as you choose the paths they take. Will Nyon catch Bleuteuth and knock his lights out, or will Bleuteuth escape to shine another day? The choice is yours! Flock is adorable. I can’t really say anything more without spoiling it. A random Rorschach physics dancer generator.
By Mark Anderson, Anthony Conta, Chris Hernandez, Yury Pavlotsky, Ben Serviss, Neil Sveri By Josh Raab, Jenny Jiao Hsia, Nathaniel Chambers By Jon Stokes, Eleanor Howe
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Ant Simulator Prototype Thing Harmony Couch Surfing
Simulating what it might be like to experience the world as an ant, where everything you know about the world comes from pheromone trails left behind by your colony mates.
**Winner for Best Visuals at the NYU game jam site!**
You are the leader of a cult. The world is going to end in 10 days. You must recruit as many true believers as possible! Sometimes, when people keep assuming you’re something you’re not, when the same old routine starts weighing you down, the only way to find yourself is to take a chance on something crazy.
By Chris Hernandez By Nick Robalik, Nathaniel Chambers, Joe Kowalski, Mike Lazer-Walker, John Bujalski, Chris Wolf, Erwin Perez By Ben Serviss
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