Voyage to MAGFest!

MAGFest was amazing! We shoved the Crystal Brawl cabinet and a huge tablet for Nika in a minivan and trekked down to DC for a weekend of what can only be described as ABSOLUTE GAMING ANARCHMADNESS (but in a good way).

Cramming the Crystal Brawl cabinet into the van!

Cramming the Crystal Brawl cabinet into the van!

The free-play arcade floor, the console library with every game imaginable that you can check out on demand(!), the tournaments, the concerts, hanging-out-with-other-awesome-indie-devs – this was one of the most fun game events ever.

Crystal Brawl at MAGFest

Nika on the big screen!

Nika on the big screen!

2014-01-02 22.11.39 small

IMG_1361 small

Final Stage concert!

IMG_1360 small

A small chunk of the massive console library – including some poor soul playing ET for Atari!

IMG_1410 small

After hours Nika Analog in the hotel room!

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