Don’t F**k Up Gets Acquired!

Holy f**k! Today, we’re proud to announce the sale of the Don’t F**k Up game and IP to an undisclosed buyer!


Created as an entry for the Grasshopper Round Table Game Jam in March of this year, Don’t F**k Up is a 2-6 player pub game of skill, reflexes, and a test of your ability to follow one simple instruction. After the 48-hour jam finished, we ended up taking home third prize!

We kept working on the game long after the jam ended, culminating in a showing at the Come Out and Play Festival and a profile on Kotaku.

kotaku don't fk up

While it’s always bittersweet sending one of our creations off into the world, we’re confident that DFU’s message of striving for excellence amid the temptation to err will continue to inspire people long after the last ball has bounced.

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