Prototyping and Making Games with Construct 2

On Monday, Studio Mercato’s own Chris Hernandez and Jon Stokes gave a Deep Dive talk on using Construct 2 for making games at Microsoft’s Midtown office. We’ve been using Construct 2 for games and prototypes for a while now, and are using it to develop Crystal Brawl – which has quickly become just as complex as a natively-coded project.

So why should you use Construct 2?

Studio Mercato's Chris Hernandez (standing) and Jon Stokes (action crouching) show off an example Construct 2 project.

Our own Chris Hernandez (standing) and Jon Stokes (action crouching) show off an example Construct 2 project.

Chris says:

It’s good for prototyping, and comes pre-loaded with modules to get the common stuff out of the way, like collision detection, physics, and controls. Once you get the hang of it you can get a basic game up and running in 30 minutes, which lets you spend more of your time on art, unique mechanics, and whatever else will make your game stand out.

Jon says:

Construct 2 has a lot of export options – you can get your game on almost anything, including browsers, mobile, desktop, and you can wrap it for native app stores too. Since it runs in the browser, it’s great for getting quick feedback from testers. Instead of with a native iOS build, where you have to convince your friends to sign up through testflight, upload new builds, and then pester them to download each update —  you can just throw your HTML5 game on dropbox and share the public link on Facebook.  One click to open the game and be playing is a very low barrier to entry.

You can download the example project they worked on at the talk here:

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